The vacancy administrative assistant usually invite girls and women of all ages.Well, if soiskatelnitsy already has experience of similar work, but many companies are willing to train a new employee on their own.It is desirable to have a higher education diploma.If this diploma is not, you will need a certificate of completion of courses secretaries.
mandatory requirement for the Secretary-referent is excellent knowledge of basic office equipment and computer programs, and it is desirable to foreign language at least at the average level.Of course, the more serious the company in which the applicant supplies resume, the higher requirements and stricter verification.
To find open positions at the secretaries do not take a long time.Information about such vacancies there are website
s devoted to job search in newspaper advertisements, on the resources of the company.However, we must note that many managers are not looking for just another faceless worker, and his personal secretary, why choose such a person will be very carefully.And most soiskatelnits will be easier to work with the chief, who she would like, because the work will take place directly with this person for a long time.To find such an employer, you need to work hard.
For starters, imagine in what company you want to work, what should be in her office, some of the responsibilities you would like to perform, and which to abandon would prefer.Search companies need to precisely the requirements that you set for the search.In addition, you need to write a good resume, describe your work experience and job responsibilities in other companies, the place of study, it is advantageous to introduce the benefits of hiring employer is your candidacy to resume is not lost among dozens of others.
But the most important thing is to have an interview because the administrative assistant is usually hired after a short contest and view the candidates.If your resume has played the role, you are invited for an interview, you need to prepare for it in advance.Be sure to think through answers to possible questions: about your strengths and weaknesses, why you want it to take the position that you know how to do.
for interviews, try to choose an image that could be both memorable and spectacular, and business.Do not go overboard with the color palette, it is possible that the company has a strict dress code, but still enough to choose a stylish outfit.For administrative assistant - a face of the company.And that person has to be perfect in all respects.