What does the term "insurance period»

insurance period is the period of the employee, for which the employer pays for it certain contributions to the FSS, based on his salary.It includes also the period when the employee is not working, but the law is subject to compulsory insurance in the FSS.Such is the period of disability and maternity leave, child care until they reach 3 years of age.The insurance period is currently not part of periods of military service, training in vocational schools, etc.If the employer also wants to receive cash payments in the period of his illness, he must first enter into a contract with the FSS voluntary insurance for themselves and pay contributions to the fund.

If an employee works for a company that honestly pays all the requi
red premiums for their employees, to calculate the insurance period is simple: it will be equal to the length of service specified in the workbook.When the owner did not properly draw up an employee, it violates the law, and the employee loses the right to receive insurance payments for sick leave.

How dependent payments for sick leave on the insurance experience

Depending on the time sheet of disability insurance is paid differently:

- with a length of less than 6 months, the calculation is made of the minimum wage;
- if the insurance period is less than 5 years, the employee is paid 60% of the average wage;
- length from five to eight years - paid 80% of the average wage;
- experience of over 8 years - the employee receives payment, comparable in size with an average income.

In some cases, the experience does not affect the size of insurance payments and the period of disability or sickness is paid in full.These cases include the payment of sick leave and maternity leave, if paid sick leave due to work-related injury, and in some other cases.

calculation of insurance payments made for sick leave over the past two calendar years.Are taken into account all payments and compensation of employees, from which income tax is withheld.You must pay the full amount divided by 730 (days) - get the average daily earnings.It may not be lower or higher than the statutory minimum and maximum amount.If the size of the average daily wages below the statutory calculation of sick leave is made from the minimum wage.

Do not forget that the employee is entitled to receive payment for sick leave at the place of previous work if a time of his dismissal before the insured event took place not more than 2 months.The benefits are also in this case will depend on the length of insurance.