Tip 1: How to certify a copy of the labor

Imagine the situation: you urgently need a loan.All the necessary information, documents produced.For a copy of the work book, you asked the service personnel management in the workplace.But the bank issued a copy of the personnel officer not accepted, becauseWe find inaccuracies in the design.To avoid this, you need to know some basic rules assurances employment record.
In the event that you are temporarily not working, employment history is you, copy it can notarize.He is a specialist in the Council does not need.If you work, work book is kept at the place of work and issuance of employee (even in his written statement) is not subject to.Get it can only copy , which shall be certified and issued to the personnel service of the employer.After receipt of the application to issue a certified copy , it is necessary to prepare for a period of not more than 3 days.Run up possible both manually (overwrite or reprint) and photocopying (which is preferred).Assures made copy two ways:
1. On each page of the copy of an entry to read as follows:
• true (or true copy);
• the position of the person responsible for keeping, storing and issuing labor books (for example, a specialist in human resources management);
• personal signature certifying entity;
• full name;
• the date of certification.
Entry certainly stamped business or personnel sluzhby.2.All sheets can be stitched up, numbered, stapled sheets seal the enterprise (laced and numbered a certain number of sheets) and writing the content of the above.
We should also note that a copy of the work book, which you will incur to the bank for a loan, additional requirements.So, it is necessary to assure her of the first embodiment (each page).Here is an example.
On the last page of the copy after the final record is placed next serial number, filled with columns:
• «date" - the date of written assurances;
• «information about admission, transfer, dismissal" - an entry "continues to the present time."
Then, position, signature and full name, as stated above (for example the final recording).

Tip 2: How to assure the work book for the bank

Often workers are faced with a situation where the approval for the loan, a loan or a mortgage bank's representatives want to include in the package of necessary documents certified copy employment record.If it is in the hands of the disabled applicant is not difficult, and what the employee must do to obtain a certified copy of the work book, stored in the organization?
How to assure the work book for the bank
Contact your notary to certify a copy of the work book, if it is in your hands.According to Russian law, a certified copy of the notary will issue immediately.Prepare for the notary procedure a passport or other document confirming your identity.If such documents is not available, you can use a specially designed power of attorney.After the observance of all rules (identification, compliance with the requirements put forward by the law to the document being certified) make a photocopy of the notary public employment record and assured her of an approved pattern.Typically, it takes some time - from several minutes to an hour.
The validity of such a copy is only limited validity of the work book.But do not forget that if you change jobs or a notarized copy of the dismissal is void.
In the case of labor relations, decorated according to the Labor Code, employment records kept in the employing organization, so to obtain a copy, contact the personnel department, service personnel, or directly to the head.
Write a statement addressed to the head of the need to obtain a certified copy of the work book for the provision of data to the bank.Please note that the procedures for carrying out personnel officer has three working days.
Get a copy of the employment record in the personnel department.Make sure that the copy contains all the necessary details.Each sheet should be placed at the bottom of the page:
- printing company;

- the inscription "true copy";

- Name, title and signature of the person authorized to certify a copy;

- the date of certification.
On the last page, except for the above entries must be present:
- record "works now in the position ...»

- print name and position of the witness, his signature and the date.
The validity of such a copy - one month from the date of certification, and when changing jobs or when additional entries in the workbook document becomes invalid.
Helpful Hint
1. Make sure that the quality of photocopies was sufficient (all entries must be legible).
2. signature and full name must be clear.