Making reference should correspond to GOST R 6.30-2003 inwhich establishes the requirements for the design of text documents.Since the reference to the place work is an external document, then print it on the letterhead.It must include the full name of the company, his mailing address, bank details and contact numbers.
In the upper left corner of the bar, specify the date of the certificate.In the next line after the double indentation in the middle of the sheet type in large letters the word "Help."
organization in which this ce
rtificate is available, should definitely be mentioned in the text.This can be done by placing its name in the upper right corner as the destination, or directly in the text of the reference, the last paragraph starting with the words: "Help is given to provide in ...".Enter the text of the full name of the organization for which the certificate is required.
textual part of the help, start with the word "Dan", then enter the name and patronymic of the employee to whom it is required.Write the full name of his company and the date on which the employee is working on it, be sure to mention if it works now.Specify the officer and his average monthly earnings.
In the event that a certificate is requested for a tourist visa, enter it that jobs occupied by the employee, will be saved for him in his absence, and that during the trip he will be inpaid leave.
After the text of the set positions and names of the persons who are authorized under the rules of the company to sign such certificates.In any case, apart from the signature of the director on her visa to be Chief of Staff and the Chief Accountant.After the signing, put down the date and reassure the signature stamp of the company.