in any sphere of activity for the good money is important to be competent expert, to provide services for which there is high demand, and be able to sell yourself.In freelancing all these items are even more relevant, since there are no bosses, which would give a job and have to look for it yourself.And in order for you to handle orders of other companies have to be a very valuable specialist.
Select an area of ​​activity for which there is demand, and represents this area in the highest quality.As a freelancer you can work in almost any area, which requires the Internet and your knowledge.This may be a website development, web design, logo creation, copywriting, content online stores, etc.Each region can be either paid professionals, so getting ver
y low incomes.Suppose the price of a copywriter job ranged from 1 dollar to several thousand dollars for the text.Therefore, at the beginning of your business as a freelance set the bar high, seeking to acquire the selected area as far as possible, know the most subtle nuances of the new and ever comprehend.Then you will be able to surprise the customer excellent quality and high speed performance.Once these results have no one to anyone not become an obstacle high prices for your orders.
accumulated base of regular customers.High-class specialists become not so simple.If the area of ​​freelancing for you new, perhaps on her excellent development will require a lot of time.But even in this case, do not be afraid to take the big and important orders.They can eventually make you a name, and even help to turn out the first repeat customers.The field of freelancing huge role recommendations, so that if your customers will be satisfied with the work, you can ask them to recommend you to their partners.Regular customers - these are the people to help freelancers get about 80% of their profits, so the formation of the base should be taken particularly seriously.
Promote his name in circles freelancers and commercial companies.In order for you to be large customers, it is necessary not only to rely on "word of mouth" of your former customers, but also to work hard to find their own orders.You can contact the companies directly interested in via e-mail or by phone, if they do not need your services.Another way to express yourself - is to send commercial offers or to start your website or blog with a story about the services and promote it on the Internet.Many freelancers are traded on the stock exchanges of freelancing.However, if for programmers and web designers on the exchanges actually find good orders with high pay, in copywriting seek more money there is not necessary.
set their prices.When the customer base to turn out, and you finally get used to the selected area, you need to raise prices.In the first months or even years of work freelancers usually stick trims average order value.When you feel more confident when the flow of customers will be established, gradually raise rates.Do not be afraid to say it, but if is terrible - priurochte price rise to the beginning of a new year or month, for example, by 1 September.Moreover, it is best to announce new pricing policy with the help of the shares, a special offer that will attract attention: "There was a week at the old prices, Have time to get my order the maximum benefit."
learn not only their specialty, but the ability to comprehend and sell their services on the market.Area freelancing is becoming more competitive, so an ability to put himself in communication with customers to find the right customers, to prove that you - the best specialist, which should address, open your doors to the world of high earnings.How can I learn more about the art of marketing and sales practice this knowledge in their area during the work, then the highest incomes in the freelancing will not keep you waiting.