sequence number order of the Human Resources is also its serial number (index).The numbering of all orders (orders) of the HR lead for deloproizvoditelnogo year separately for each group of administrative documents in special registration forms.

Deloproizvoditelny year usually coincides with the calendar year (January 1 - December 31).But there are exceptions, for example, institutions of culture, education, etc., stationery year which begins on 1 September.
Draw the line to start all orders for individual groups.Divide the paper according to their storage period for documents of long-term storage and short-term storage of

In large organizations, there are a large number of employees, for the convenience highlight within the array of orders with the same shelf life of several groups of homogeneous category.

For example, long-term storage of documents can be divided into groups: orders received, order of dismissal, transfer orders.A paper can distinguish between short-term storage in the series: orders to leave, orders for business trips.

In organizations with a very large number of staff sometimes have to develop lettering orders for each category of staff.
Then each of these groups of orders on staff register in special forms.As the registration form, you can use the magazine, registration and control cards or electronic document management system.Each of these forms has its advantages and disadvantages.

registration-control cards and electronic filing, which usually overlap, more convenient to organize and search.Logs provide greater information security.

registration forms do not have a strict standard, but typically contain the following data:

- date;

- serial number of the order;

- who signed (title, name);

- a summary of the order;

- base;

- performer.
Now to enumerate the orders on the staff, you just look at the corresponding log and assign the document the next index.