disadvantages of a copywriter - is, most often, to continue the advantages of this type of activity.Yes, a person working at home, his "walls help", but ... It is a whole day in the same room had a lack of communication and excitement, and this develops a kind of sensory deprivation - the main cause of fatigue of body and souland, therefore, despondency.

great importance is also the attitude of others to work copywriter.Even if the contribution of man in the "family pot" is not too small, the ratio is often home to his frivolous activity.The conventional stereotype at work should "walk", but if a person all day "sitting" at home, it seems not working.And what a woman who is officially broken the housewife, after a day of hard work to hear from

loved ones reproach: "Why you did not do this or that, you're sitting at home?".This is a very serious irritant and a cause for resentment and tears ...

despite the lack of communication, negativity can get and working at home.Criticism customers Missed article, refusal to pay - all this too seriously beats and tracks.And waiting and searching for orders, getting to someone in the "black list", but all this against the background of discontent webmasters home ... Here you have depression, lose heart, do not want to do anything.There comes a frustrating, discontent has himself.

How to avoid all this?This would seem obvious: the lack of communication - to communicate, someone you dissatisfied - to prove the correctness and consistency.Actually, the way it is, we must try not to move to the Internet permanently.Leave time and space for real dialogue with real people, make time for walking, their favorite thing.

Since the chief copywriter have not, it is necessary to take on such a function!But do not drive themselves, but on the contrary - to encourage.To reward yourself for a good job going to the library or hairdresser, meeting with friends, buying beautiful things for the environment or the wardrobe.

Do not be afraid of criticism!Any failure - is, first of all, a lesson.In all cases of failure, all receive the comments, but most of these comments are valid.But even with the full confidence that they are right, we should not indulge in arguments and explanations - it just takes strength and a bad mood.

and agreed finally to the household.Explain that this is "staying at home" is not the fate of housewives or "temporarily unemployed", and this - this work, bringing here such income.So far - so, but maybe it's the beginning of the career of the famous writer!

completely rid yourself of all negative impacts can not be for any activity or inactivity.However, to minimize them can not to go to the full, "burnout", which will be difficult to handle.