program at least for you - it's three years of driving experience and owning a car.Without the machine has a chance to get a job in a driving school, which will provide you with your vehicle.But wages, which offers to such conditions as will be quite low.Therefore, first of all, necessary to get the vehicle.Then you have to decide: Do you work in a driving school or to choose the path of the private instructor.

If the first option seem more stable and reliable, then you should think about getting a higher education.The elite (and not only) driving schools prefer to hire instructors who have graduated from high school (it attracts customers).Many driving schools in advertisements emphasize the fact that they are more than 80% of higher education instructors.That is the end of the road of the university or college will improve your chances to get paid driving school instructo

r in a solid.

However, lack of a diploma is by no means closes the road in front of you.The most important thing for avtoinstruktora - professionally able to drive a car, a thorough knowledge of traffic rules and have a pedagogical talent.If you prefer the work of the private instructor, you should engage in self-promotion.Here, everything is standard: placing ads with a proposal of its services on the Internet, and tell all your friends that are running a driving instructor.If you do not want to execute documents and to equip their car with additional pedals, but to become a driving instructor, you still want to, then you have a way out.You can train people impeccable driving a car, sitting next to the client in the passenger seat.But for the first time sitting down behind the wheel of newcomers in this way you will not be able to teach.If you do not want to lose potential customers, you should convert your car (after installing the pedals do not forget to re-register), to take in the branch growth (DOSAAF) certificate for driving instruction and register with the tax as the SP.