you need
  • - magazine;
  • - handle.
Journal proshnuruyte cashier-operator, number, sign, seal of the territorial tax office, official stamp of the organization, the signature of the chief accountant, chief cashier and head of the company.Each cash register fill out a separate log without corrections, erasures, ink blue or black.Recording is permissible to make a ballpoint pen.
cashier is obliged to fill in all the daily graph 18 that are in the magazine.Column №1 specify the date, month and year.Column №2 - the section number.If the outlet is not divided into sections, in this column put a dash.
Column №3 select Full name of the cashier, the change is passed.Count №4 designed to record evidence at the time of c
losing offices or №Z-report.Column №5 include your testimony control counter.When checking tax inspection does not require the filling of the columns, so you have the right to put a dash in it.
Count №6 designed to make reading totalizer, burn it figures that shows the cash register at the beginning of the change of cashiers.Column №7 put signature cashier-operator, in the column №8 - senior cashier.
Indications checkout counter at the end make the change in the column №9.In the column №10 fill in the amount of revenue per shift.It is, in fact, the difference graphs and №6 №9.To calculate, subtract from the counter at the end of the change of testimony at the beginning of the shift.
The 11 column, record the amount of cash proceeds.In column 12 - the number of checks or other documents, taken as a non-cash settlement.Count №13 is intended to indicate the amount of total revenue for the shift by wire transfer.Count №14 - is the total revenue, calculated by adding entries graphs №11 and №13.
Count 15 - a record amount that you have returned to buyers punched checks.The amount of №14 and №15 graphs should be identical to the amount specified in column №10.Refunds are made out under the act CM-3, according to the punched pin, which you have to cancel.In the column №16 put the signature of the cashier in №17 - senior cashier, №18 - Chief Accountant.