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  • external part, termination of employment
Labour Code prohibits the dismissal of workers by the employer, other than by reason of liquidation or termination of business activity.During his stay on holiday or because of temporary incapacity, it is impossible to fire an employee.Thus, if the part-time worker is on leave or is absent due to illness, it can fire only after return to work.
In the case of redundancy the employer may not dismiss workers who are on leave for child care, single mothers with a child under 14 years of age, women with children under 3 years of age and pregnant women.
With the reduction of the head of sta
te is obliged to issue an order which states when and who exactly would be dismissed.After the order, each employee is notified of the dismissal by hand for 2 months.If the employer is willing to dismiss pluralist before, then he must obtain written consent and payment of an additional employee compensation in the amount of average monthly earnings.
If compatibilizer does not intend to retire early, the employer is not entitled to do so.Also, before you cut pluralist , the employer is obliged to offer him another job, if it is available.Offered the position may not match the qualifications of the employee, and be lower-paid.
Dismissal external pluralist by the employer to non-state enterprises should be carried out with the consent of the union.The exception may be a situation where pluralist main place of work is a municipal or public enterprise, and combines the space on the non-state enterprises, it is possible to dismiss him without the consent of the union.
additional grounds for termination of the employment contract with the external part is receiving most of the work on the person who will perform the duties of pluralist .Apply it only to the base can be part-time, with whom a contract for an indefinite period.The employer must notify the dismissal pluralist not less than two weeks before the termination of the employment contract