Before send their employees to training is necessary clear idea what kind of results do you expect from the training, so that employees must be trained specifically for this time.Also, the choice is the slave whom you wish to send.This requires a well-established contact with your staff.After all, if your employee is not happy with his position, he wants to receive higher wages, and at every opportunity to change their job, then, of course, is not worth it to spend money.Therefore, before sending the personnel needed in the first place, to consult with managers who know best their subordinates.

necessary to take into account the personal initiative of subordinates.This can be done periodically survey among workers with such questions as: "What skills would you want to buy?", "What do you want to learn how to improve their results,"

etc.Before sending employees to explain their learning objectives that they want to learn, and does not wear his time in training.To this end, employees should not say that they do not work, so they need to learn.On the contrary, it is better to motivate participation in the trainings give a higher rank in the future wage increases.Then your money spent on training will not be wasted in vain.

When choosing a company, which would be entrusted to carry out the training, it is necessary to take into account her professionalism, testimonials from other companies, work experience, etc.It is better to discuss in detail the training program organizers, to discuss its purpose.Remember that the group should not be very big, because given to 20-30 people will be very difficult.Therefore, better equip small groups - of 7-15 people.Of great importance is the room in which the training will be conducted.It should be a comfortable, convenient for staff and coaches, with good ventilation, preferably with air conditioning.

Thus, in order to qualitatively carry out the training, which will contribute to improve the skills of your employees, careful planning of the event, the analysis of the goals and objectives of training, careful selection of staff, selection of professional trainers and training of the necessary facilities and equipment.