you need
  • - employment contract;
  • - notice of dismissal;
  • - written evidence;
  • - the act of refusal;
  • - an order of dismissal;
  • - employment history of an employee;
  • - personal card of the employee.
To get started, try to talk with the employee and find out why he did not comply with the provisions work.If the reason for the neglect is not, and it can not give a reasonable explanation for this behavior, ask him to resign voluntarily or by agreement of the two parties with compensation for the early termination of the employment contract.Consider compensation - it is
a punishment for something they could not at the stage of selection of experts to consider the employee to work unprepared person.
If this method is not acceptable to you, or a beginner does not agree with this proposal, then start collecting evidence for future study causes of premature dismissal.Let the employee written orders and assignments, time-bound and their implementation with the requirement of a written report on the work done.Monitor the implementation process all the orders.
when it deems that convincing arguments to dismiss on probation, collected enough, make a written notice of termination of the employment contract due to the poor performance during the probation period.The notification shall specify the reasons for the dismissal of all reasonable.Register notification rules document.Three days before the date of dismissal hand the employee a notice, taking with him a receipt of its receipt.An employee may refuse to introduce a notification then draw up an act of refusal to sign the receipt of the notification and its staff present in case of failure.
ordered the dismissal of an employee during the probation period.Try to bring the order to fire employees under the signature.A staff refuses to sign the document, make the appropriate entry in the order.
for personal card and the employee work record, store the record in accordance with the Labour Code, on which the employment contract terminated by the employer due to the poor performance during the probation period.In this situation, the severance pay is not paid, and dismissal during the probationary period takes place without considering the opinion of the primary body (trade union).The employee signs in the workbook and personal cards.If the employee refuses to get a work record or is not behind it, make and send it to the address registered notice of the need to take work book.In case of refusal to obtain employment record make up the act.