you need
  • - employment contract;
  • - resignation.
Decide at what number you prefer to leave.Count two weeks from the date of the cherished - the day you will need to apply.If you put in this period the annual holiday, you are entitled to apply for a leave of absence, followed by dismissal.
properly arrange the paper.Make a statement in duplicate to the Director of your company, which set out your desire to resign, and mark the desired date.Do not forget to put the date of filing of the document.One copy of the declarations shall be transmitted to the head or the Secretary, on the other you are required to put a signature certifying receipt of the document.
If the manager does not want to let go of you and does not accept the application, send a copy by registered mail with return receipt requested.Postal receipt issued to you will be the evidence that the statement was made.Two weeks later, you can not go to work - the dismissal is considered valid.
By law, you are not required to fill in "slider" or "final clearance" and collect signatures of different decision-makers.The concept of "Bypass Paper" in the Labour Code no.Refusal to give you a work record without filling in "Runner" - a clear violation of the personnel department of the enterprise.
Do not forget to make sure that you back in time to the work book and made a calculation.Documents and money should be given to the employee on the day of dismissal.If for any reason this is not possible, be sure to discuss the exact date of receipt of the securities.If you work in a branch situated in another city, employment records you are required to send the expense of the enterprise.
Track correctness of the calculation.You should get a refund for unused vacation, overtime and other payments stipulated in your contract of employment.Please note that the bonuses and other allowances in excess of the salary, the company is not obliged to pay.
leaving your workplace, try to maintain good relations with former colleagues.Ask whether your head necessarily give you a recommendation.If you were asked to transfer the cases of a new employee, do not give up.The former managers and colleagues can be useful to you in the future work.
Be correct and follow business ethics.Note that the working base, customer data and other confidential company information - business property in which you are working.Your contract of employment has a certain point of the ban on the disclosure of such information.Think before you break it - for this former employers can bring you to justice.