If you are a director of the company, according to the law have the right to convene a general meeting of the founders whenever you see fit.Complex situations arise when they do not want to let go of you.In this case, shareholders will simply ignore your calls.To comply with all the required formalities, you will first send this to each founder separately registered letter about the upcoming convening of the meeting of founders with acknowledgment of receipt.Then, send a registered letter with the same individuals his resignation.Chance of such a scenario tha
t the founders will continue to ignore your appeal.So, count calendar month after receipt of all the recipients of your email.From this day you can just stop working.
easier for you to get away when there is a replacement director.Then you just pass your case changer.The legislation does not require the preparation of the report is essentially a description of the existing state of affairs in the organization.Most do not need to formally submit a list of all values, including the press, who are moving away from you to another manager.However, it is recommended that you take care of the above documents.So will protect himself against claims that may arise from the founders.
If you could not find a replacement, you have the right to convene a general meeting.At the meeting, decide how you will refer cases.Take the case of you can any of the founders, which is authorized to the general meeting.
If you encounter a problem that for some reason no one to refer cases, you can use the services of a notary.You have several options for how to proceed.First, pass the documents you can store on the inventory or not, and make the best values ​​in the notary's deposit to the future director could pick them up.
may want to question employees of a notary Ltd., to conduct the inspection of premises.He needs to provide written evidence that employees were aware of your intention to leave you locked safe with documents and valuables.