you need
  • data on staff salaries, computer, A4 paper, the printer, print businesses handle.
Put stamp corner of the enterprise, which is required for reference.If the organization does not have a corner of the stamp, then instead record the "corner stamp the company has no".
Enter INN organization.
Specify full name, first name and patronymic of the employee.
Write full and abbreviated name of the company.
Enter the code of the economic activities of the organization.
Specify feature mode, write during incomplete working week / day, number of days per week / hours a day, enter the order number and date.
Specify the period of the worker in the enterpri
se (the day of admission and day of discharge) according to the workbook.
Enter in the appropriate column the average salary for the last three months of work before retiring.The amount of average earnings indicate in figures and words with a capital letter.Calculate the average earnings of an employee by the formula: the amount of salary for three months, divide by the number of working days for the three months and multiply by the average number of working days for three months.
reckoned from the date of dismissal of twelve months ago, enter actual hours worked (the number of full weeks) in the appropriate box.
After the phrase "In the period of paid employment when calculating not included: leave to care for a child up to 3 years, leave without pay, downtime forced absence because of the worker" enterdates and reasons for those periods which are not included in the period of paid employment.
Specify the basis of issuance of certificate (personal accounts, payroll).
Put signature artist who completed the certificate.
Put signature of the director and chief accountant with a breakdown of the names.Director and Chief Accountant responsible for the information presented in this help.If the director and chief accountant in one person, then enter the base.
Reassure help round seal of the organization.
Specify the telephone number of the organization.
Enter the date of issuance of certificate.
Check that the name of the company to help, workbook and printing the same.