the day of dismissal you should familiarize with the order, issue a work book and pay full payment.All this is done by the employer without fail.Failure to comply with at least one point - this is a violation of the dismissal procedure and can be challenged.However, this does not mean that you do not need to sign and date reference in the order to abandon obtain employment record.It is unlikely that this will help.After failure to familiarize with the order will be drawn up an act simply proving your disagreement.A work-book you will be sent via registered mail.As a result, in the hands of the employer will have all the necessary documents, and you have - the melting period of lim
the contrary - to dismiss, as required by law, and without losing the gift of time, contact the employer to issue a statement to you certified copies of documents confirming the legality of the dismissal.Within 3 days you are required to give all the necessary copies.
To decide whether reinstatement is possible to apply to the trudinspektsiyu, prosecutor, court.If your dismissal were made blunders, and you are 100% sure of the outcome of the case, you can write a statement to trudinspektsiyu.However, we must consider the fact that the deadline for filing a claim in court - 1 month.You risk to miss it, waiting for the right solutions.The most reliable - to turn a lawsuit in court.It is there you will be able to solve all the issues at once:
• reinstate;
• receive financial compensation for the days of enforced idleness;
• obtain compensation for moral damages;
• redraft dismissal.
Statement of Claim will help you write in a law office.There you will be able to obtain the necessary legal assistance.If this is not possible (for example, constrained financial situation) write the application yourself in any form.It will be registered in the court of the date on which you bring it for the first time.Even if there are mistakes, inaccuracies, you fix them during the proceedings.The application shall be accompanied by a certified copy confirming the illegal dismissal documents.
If, however, the limitation period is missed, but you have a good reason to apply for renewal of the term of limitation.To him also need to provide documents proving the impossibility of timely treatment to the court (sick leave, telegram, etc.).If the reasons are deemed valid by a court, the period will be restored.
duration of the trial should not have to worry, becausein the case of a positive decision will be paid for all days of enforced idleness on the basis of average earnings.If during the period, while there is a trial, you find a new job and do not want to go back in the workbook is changed wording dismissal (dismissal on on their own).Moreover, the new termination date - a date prior to the day of receiving a new job.Former employer compensates for your emergency 'stints on the couch "in full.