you need
  • PC, the labor code, enterprise
familiar with the Labour Code.Before you begin, you need to know, from what can be a start.This will come to the aid of the Labour Code
Dismissal employee .We find a suitable article, prepare the necessary documents and dismissed the employee .Suitable articles: If the employee does not correspond to his post or work - you need a confirmation of insufficient qualifications.Verification - the assessment results.You just need to come up with such an unscheduled inspection, the employee just can not go.But under the law, the employee may take a different position until the uborschika.Esli withou
t good reason an employee repeatedly fails to perform their duties.The employee can be dismissed if he already has a disciplinary action.To do this, impose a reprimand (disciplinary action) for failure to present you "the impossible" task or banal late.After this need that was written by an explanatory memorandum.Next you need to familiarize him with the order for the recovery and bring him painting.After some time, we repeat this procedure exactly, and can be easily employee uvolnyat.Esli worker flagrantly violated their duties.It truancy, alcohol or drugs, etc.There is enough once.