you need
  • - employment contract.
The first thing you need to do - is to enter into an agreement to terminate the employment contract.As a rule, it is made in writing and form.Signed by both parties.
sure to specify in the agreement number and date of the employment contract is terminated, and mount it that the legal document be terminated under paragraph 1 of Article 77 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation (agreement of the parties).
Do not forget to specify the obligations of the parties and, for example, compensation for unused vacation, with the agreement list the date of payment and amount.
necessarily register the term termination.And be careful when firing because the date specifi
ed in vyshenapisannogo agreement must match the actual date of termination of the contract, otherwise you'll have to make a new agreement.
Remember that employees do not have to be a letter of resignation, as he will not have to fulfill required two weeks after signing the document.With your hand, there are advantages of using this method of dismissal - the employee will not be able to challenge the dismissal in court and restored to its former place of work.Also, there are pluses and by the employee - if the length of service with the voluntary resignation is not interrupted for three weeks, then the dismissal by mutual agreement, this period is increased to three months.
On the basis of the agreement ordered the dismissal (form number T-8).In the line "Grounds for termination" point agreement.Then make a record in the workbook employee.Please note that you need to refer to paragraph 1 of Section 77 of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation (the reduction in the workbook are not allowed).