The first thing you need to do - is to get an explanation from the negligent actions employee for two days.For example, he did not come to work, and the spree lasted quite a long time.Upon returning to work, request in writing to state the reason for his behavior.Of course, sometimes it is quite difficult, as the employee may refuse to give them tightly and hold on to a job.
If entered by the employee refusing to give explanations, make an act, which specify that it refused to provide any explanation.To court you are not forced to return employee to her former position, it is necessary to prove breach of the employment contract.For example, when he came to work drunk, get him to undergo a medical examination, and you can take it on the video, in which the Court sees its misbehavior, invite a witness.Remember that all you need to reinforce the evidence.
Next, make a dismissal order (Form 8-Wm), where select the appropriate item, article and chapter of the Labour Code, for example, in the case of absence from work, you need to rely on sub-paragraph "a" of paragraph 6 of Part 1Article 81 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.Please note that you need to articulate the reason for the dismissal, that is, build it in the regulations.
Then ask employee to sign an order, thus confirming the introduction.If he refuses, also make up the act of refusal.
Then enter information in the work book, and select the article that you specified in the order of dismissal.After that, store the changes in the personal card and staffing.
If you do not want to spoil the future career negligent employee, then offer him voluntary redundancy or by agreement of the parties.Typically, this option is most convenient for you and for him.Firstly, when applying to the court, they are unlikely to stand on the side of the employee , secondly, you do not have to be a variety of acts, documents relating to the dismissal "under."