Tip 1: How to open Ltd.

Many people who decide to go into business, it might seem that the most profitable form of IP enterprise, and open the company is much more complicated and more profitable.In fact, LLC (Limited Liability Company) has a sufficiently weighty advantage over the individual entrepreneur (SP).Founder (or members) of the Company are responsible only for its authorized capital (equity capital), and not all of its assets (including private), as in the case of the SP.

Register LLC is not harder than the SP, it is necessary for ourselves in the first place defined by the following points:

  1. name of the company;

  2. on what will be the registered office of LLC;

  3. types of economic activity, you need to work;

  4. what will be the size of the authorized capital (amount of shares of founders) (minimum capital - 10,000 rubles in cash or property if the property is expensive, 20,000 rubles - the need to act independent evaluation);

  5. type of taxation system (general or simplified according to the proposed activities);

  6. who will be the applicant in the body of state registration (if two or more founders).

After all of the above items are finalized must submit to the authority of state registration of the legal seat of the following list of documents to formalize the Company:

  1. application for registration of a standard form with a notarized signature of the applicant;

  2. charter company;

  3. certified copies of passports of all the founders and CEO;

  4. certified copy of the certificate of registration with the tax authority at the place of residence (the applicant);

  5. decision to create a company (if one founder) or a protocol on the establishment of the company (if several founders);

  6. statement on the tax system;

  7. receipt for payment of the fee for registration of the LLC;

  8. documents confirming the ownership of the registered office or a letter from the landlord for rent addresses (with the documents confirming the right of ownership);

  9. request for Charter Ltd. (copies);

  10. copy of the Charter of the Company;

  11. receipt of payment for providing a copy of the Charter.

After the five working days from the date of filing (the sixth day) the registration authority shall issue to the applicant the following documents, which are the initial starting point of the existence of the enterprise:

  1. certificate of legal registration.person;

  2. certificate of tax registration of legal address;

  3. a copy of the Charter of the Company;

  4. extract from the register legal.persons.

From now on you are able to open the company.Next, you need to be registered in the funds (pension, social insurance, etc.), take in the statistics of your letter with a list of activities.

In the future, you will need to arrange printing enterprise, open a bank account.

Tip 2: How to open the SP Perm

idea to open a business must have attended any of the ambitious and self-confident person.Tempting opportunity to work exclusively on themselves, on their own to build their schedules and to distribute the income from your own business.One of the first steps for the creation of the business is the discovery of IP.
How to open IE in Perm
contact one of the legal agencies of the city of Perm , are engaged in sole proprietorship.This is the most simple and not very expensive way.Transferred its efforts law firm, you, first, be sure not to forget some documents, stamps and duties needed to be an individual entrepreneur.Secondly, you can save the time it would spend in queues or for preparing the document.While experts are working on these issues, you can think about business strategy, start searching for partners to come up with advertising.In general, you can spend a little money, but the use of free time, so that your income will soon cover the cost.
determine the kind of future economic activity.If you do not wish to assign the registration SP specialized companies, and are going to do their own process, you should initially determine in what area you work.To do this, you need to carefully examine the NACE codes.
Prepare documents for registration of IP.You need to submit to the IRS an application for state registration of IP in the prescribed form, signed by the future employer and notarized.You must also provide a copy of your passport and the original of the document confirming the payment of poshliny.Nizhe includes addresses and phone numbers of offices in the IRS Perm : Interdistrict IFTS Russia № 9 in the Perm region - st.Shcherbakova, 35;tel.270-38-00.Federal Tax Service of Russia for Motovilikhinskiye district of the city of Perm - st.Kim, 91;tel.250-88-00.Federal Tax Service of Russia for the Sverdlovsk district of the city of Perm - st.1st Krasnoarmeyskaya, 21;tel.250-85-00.Federal Tax Service of Russia for Lenin district of the city of Perm - st.Catherine, 65;tel.250-97-00.Federal Tax Service of Russia for Dzerzhinsky district of the city of Perm - ul.Okulova, 46;tel.250-83-00.Federal Tax Service of Russia for Industrial district of Perm - st.Red Army, 46;tel.250-87-07.Federal Tax Service of Russia for Kirov district of Perm - st.Hudanina, 13a;tel.250-82-01.V within 5 days you will be given hands on the following documents: certificate of state registration of a person as an SP, a document on the INN and an extract from EGRIP.
receive an email with the codes of statistics Permstat, located at the address: Perm, ul.Revolution 66;tel.233-06-08.You will need to make IP printing in any company engaged in the activity.You also need notarized copies of any notary's office, the Perm and open a checking account in any bank of your city, which has a system of "Internet Banking".