real man - a defender.Despite the fact that feminists in society is becoming more physically weaker woman, young man, unless she is a candidate for master of sports.Therefore, the lady must be sure that a man not afraid to return home late in the evening, and the most heavy bags from the supermarket, he will take over.
The man has a purpose.Earn a lot of money to achieve leadership positions, to publish the book, or to cross the Black Sea to the air mattress.This goal forms his character, gives him a steel rod, and attracts women.
young person is able to cater for themselves.A girl can correct it advised to wear a scarf or a warm sweater, but it is only a manifestation of her concern
for the comfort of a partner.The man is still able to trace whether he put on clean clothes, and put things in stale laundry basket.
man sure of himself.He shapes his attitude to something, he admits that can make a mistake, but, nevertheless, prefer to do as he sees fit.If a young person is still making the wrong decision, he is not afraid to admit it.Because confident and knows that one error does not negate all his merits.
stronger sex does not envy the achievements of women.When his wife found a high-paying job with a thesis or conquered mountain top, he's not trying to downplay its merits.On the contrary, he is sincerely happy for my wife and achieves even greater heights in their business.
good man worthy looks.At least, he observes personal hygiene, oversees the figure, stylishly dressed and visiting a hairdresser.Therapeutic baths, creams and manicures are also not forbidden.
the stronger sex keeps his word.No matter, he promised to hold together a vacation or nail a shelf.He gave his word, and as a man of honor, a worthy descendant of the brave knights have to keep it.