studying books on martial techniques, hypnosis and self-hypnosis, general psychology to understand how there is anger and what heights not only in the art of combat, but also in self-education can be achieveddue to the ability to manage their emotions.
used to bring themselves into a state of rage hypnosis based on "anchor technology", calling at these emotions through visual images (visual method), certain gestures (kinesthetic method), recall or play ANY KINDthe annoying sounds (auditory method).The most convenient and effective are kinesthetic "anchor" because, firstly, to reproduce easiest bodily sensations, and, secondly, they are perceived faster subconscious.
Choose for auditory "anchors" short words, or the very beginning of the melody,
causing you pain and rage.Gestures should not be provocative, but rather defensive (eg plexus compression fingers or thumb of one hand thumb and forefinger of the other).The visual image is bound to be bright and without necessarily real.
Use the "anchor" all together or interchangeably.Remember that for their successful use of the following: - to choose the right moment for their productions; - timely and successfully choose those "anchor" that can really bring you into a state of rage - successfully reproduce already selected and assigned an "anchor."
Be prepared for the fact that the ability to correctly enter this emotional state will require you to exercise longer, during which it is necessary to repeat the procedure several times occurrence.Learn how meditation to all the "anchor" as soon as possible entrenched in your subconscious.Remember, all of these sounds, gestures and images must remain a secret from everyone, even if only because of their use of other people then you can turn almost "killing machine."