you need
  • - Yarn;
  • - hook;
  • - jewelry.
Aglet and now is part of the ceremonial military uniform, but the idea and adopted the fashionable women, all the more so in full use aiguillettes designers in their collections.
case of a uniform, aiguillette worn on the right side of his uniform.Fastened under the shoulder straps on the one hand and on the shoulder or breast with the other hand.Ways to wear this jewelry are strictly regulated and are different depending on the type of troops and accessories.
general epaulettes with knots - decoration that can put on a woman.However, not everyone afford to wear it in everyday life.But as an alternative to the glamorous decor, luxury bright colors - are equally valid.
contribute to the popularity o
f this fashion trend jewelry designer collections - laconic silhouettes officers' uniforms.Very often the style "Millitari" manifests itself in women's jackets.Some types of items of clothing were actually borrowed from the military.For example, the model of "trenchkop" literally means - clothes cop.
Aglet it blends well with jackets.Decorating can be a conventional tape or decoration, stylized hussar aiguillette.It can be worn with epaulettes or just on bare shoulders.Aiguillettes decorated with precious stones and worn depending on the preference of the owner of the jacket.
woman can wear aiguillette, hooking it to his shoulder brooch and sew under the collar.Fix the second part of the knots on the button with a special loops.
decoration may consist of several cords.Secure them on the shoulder beam at one end.Then spread one on the chest with the help of small decorative bulavochek or brooches.Be free of the cords, and other secure under the collar or button.
Complete braid jacket, blouse, jacket, evening dress - wear as you wish.Update via knots old stuff, decorate, such as your favorite blouse.
Osvoyte few simple steps macrame.Combine the different components, weave the threads of different lengths and wear them gain a foothold in a beautiful brooch or pin.Complete decoration decorative jewelry, beads, crocheted flowers.