Understand that persuasion, invocation of conscience, explaining the adverse prospects, insults and even beatings will not cure an alcoholic!Of course, there are exceptions, but they are very rare.It is necessary to complete the treatment.This treatment start with the withdrawal of the binge.
the same time take measures to suppress "withdrawal syndrome".This is achieved by receiving special drugs.Self-medication is totally unacceptable, these drugs must register qualified narcologist: otherwise only worsen the patient's condition.
Because the body of the alcoholic accustome
d to a regular flow of regular doses of alcohol, a sharp rejection of alcohol can provoke an aggravation of a disease (or a whole "bouquet" of disease).Therefore, in addition to the regular intake of prescribed medication, gradually reduce your intake of alcohol.
Be sure to consult a psychiatrist, because drug treatment must be combined with psychotherapy.The number of sessions and their duration is determined individually, depending on the severity and extent of neglected diseases.
In some cases resort to such radical means as coding, ie intravenous administration to a patient compounds, absolutely not compatible with alcohol.The fear of death - a very strong factor, and it sometimes hinders an alcoholic, if all other means have failed.
There is also a hypnotic method AGDovzhenko, consists in the fact that the patient in the hypnotic session disgust for alcohol.And some very suggestible people can inspire categorical rejection not only of taste and smell of alcohol, but even the names of alcoholic beverages.Then proceed with the treatment program.
For best results, combine treatment with physical labor in the open air.Since it also helps to cleanse the body poisoned.
More often tell a person dependent alcohol , the deplorable cases, but remember that it is necessary to talk to when he is in a sane state.Be sure to create a relaxed atmosphere around, as some people are simply looking for solutions to problems in a dose of alcohol.