Have you encountered a situation where the person with the relatively good earnings can not save a small amount of money to buy furniture or postpone vacation, while others earn less, it can not afford and that, and another, andmanage and put some money into a bank account?

Or another situation - two people receiving the same salary, one always in debt, and the other he gives money to debt?

Many sincerely believe that the most important issue is the size of earnings, while there is another factor that affects the financial well-being not less - is the ability to manage money.

This ability allows you to not only save money and not spend material resources to waste, but also to guide them in the direction that is in the future will be the most profitable.Without these two components, any income or savings can be low

ered as soon as possible.

To learn how to manage money, you can:

1. Keep a written record of all expenses.

ability to manage money involves a conscious attitude to this area.When the process is chaotic and waste occurs under the influence of external stimuli (advertising or in the store or on sale), it spent much more money than planned and bought is not what is really wanted to buy.Usually after a chaotic waste of money people feel sorry for the many purchases or say that might buy something else.

written account of planned expenditure explains how to manage money with great efficiency and be less prone to emotions when making purchases, and as a result make fewer mistakes in this area.Write a list of the necessary expenses for the month, based on the amount that you have at this time.You can also write a separate list before going to the store or to the mall.This simple technique can change your attitude towards money and helps to streamline this sector.

If you enjoy the process of shopping, leave a strictly fixed amount for unexpected purchases.You can spend it, should the opportunity arise, but you must stick to the planned amount.

2. Track your true needs and emotions at all times money orders.

conscious attitude to money is necessary in order to avoid errors that can occur during thoughtless disposal.

Imagine two situations.In one of these people manage money is completely under the influence of external factors.There is a need or strong stimulus, and he rushes to buy a product or service.In this situation, it is not the master of its financial sector.They control the external stimuli.Such a person is subservient to the industry of consumption goods and services, just as it is beneficial to impose unnecessary and superfluous, to get as much profit.

The second situation.If a person is clearly track their true needs, it is aware of and deliberately performs actions to achieve their goals.Such a person will not be distracted by the thoughtless spending because this manager is keen.

Try to understand clearly the meaning of purchases and services that are going to acquire.Why do you need it?What it will give a positive in your life?What will provide?

If you clear answer to these questions, then, exclude the possibility of a chaotic loss of money on something that does not bring any benefit.

use of these two methods allows you to gradually develop the ability to properly manage the money.