During the first hundred days did not change dramatically.Take roughly the same as your predecessor did.All this is more or less worked up to you, and will work for a while, all you need to do to you, is to strengthen the goo
d that has been achieved.Most subordinates afraid of change, so at the first meeting of the rush to reassure them, tell them, basically, everything will go on the same course.It is not necessary to discount the fact that the workforce was made up to you as a leader.People tend to resist, defending its achievements.
his ideas implemented gradually, do not start to turn the steering wheel impertinently, one never knows Nakata wave will wash away all who are on the deck.This analogy may bluff, but it is true.If your predecessor was driving his vehicle (ie team) to a single goal, using their techniques and tools, and you declare that the goal now will be different, and the way it will not be like the former, people feel that you are deprived of their certaintyand stability.And at the same time the foreseeable future, thus plunging into the darkness of hopelessness and insecurity.Try to keep the appearance of a formal allegiance to the same benchmarks and the exchange rate, but the softly and gently, step by step, change attitudes and relations of subordination to the new order and the purposes.
in your arsenal for the first time should be more "carrots" and as little as possible "whips."That is, try to apply a minimum and maximum penalties praise.Not zverstvuya, but not too coaxing subordinates, you as a leader must strive to ensure that each new day was imbued with positive emotional mood.
When subordinates appeared among your best friends, you have just to dot the i - friendship is friendship, and service department.In other words, it is important to clearly discuss the nature of your relationship at work, they should not be informal friendship, which is valid and even predetermined outside agencies.It is necessary to warn the rest of your contract.Everyone must clearly understand - that let others it is not allowed to slave and vice versa.
Another problem to be solved in the first days of your leadership, - entrusted to you in the presence of a team of people who are much older than you.Usually young Chief feels uncomfortable giving orders to those who fit into his mother or father.However, it is immediately clear about these relationships.It is appropriate to say something like this: "From now on I am your leader.I appreciate your experience and knowledge and respect you infinitely.But my thing - to give you a job, your business - to fulfill them.If you notice that I'm doing something wrong, please tell me in private conversation, and do not criticize at all.I believe in your wisdom and I am sure that we understand each other. "