The most important parameter is the color of the scarf.He should, above all, perfectly suited to your face, emphasizing the eye color and shade of hair, freshen your face and blend in with the tone of clothing.Scarves pastel light colors can be diluted any way, they are particularly suited for clothes in dark colors.
For example, if you have a dark gray or black coat, you can spice it up with a light scarf bright colors.Black coat looks great with bright colors such as deep red, golden, deep-blue, pearl gray or caramel and chocolate tones.The classic light gray coat well with the scarf burgundy, turquoise, orange or emerald green color.To coat all shades of brown and beige are ideal accessories sand, mustard or color "Henna" with light, airy
designs.Emphasize light color outerwear help scarves of bright rich colors such as crimson, bright red, deep blue, green or yellow.Brown accessories in conjunction with a light coat will make your look inconspicuous.
In addition, when choosing a scarf to the coat should consider his style.With a coat classic style combine well gentle air accessories, but to the sporty models more suitable volumetric scarves with large knitted effect.
Equally important is the quality enhancement.Expensive coat does not tolerate low quality cheap scarf, and, conversely, a cheap outerwear looks ridiculously expensive with refined accessories.
modern market is replete with a wide variety of options for scarves.Rectangular and square, clamps, pashminas, stoles, long and not very plain and with bright drawings, wool, cashmere, silk, chiffon, fur, etc.It affects not only the variety of shapes and textures, but also a huge number of ways to wear the scarf with the coat.
most common variants of wearing a scarf with the coat is a single node and Paris.With classic style coat effectively scarf will look great length, beautiful wrapped around the neck or draped over his head.Very actually looks scarf-collar, this accessory is presented in a wide variety of materials and shapes, so easy to pick up a scarf to the coat any style.Very original look square pattern scarves decorated with tassels, tied around the neck or draped over the shoulders broad stoles.