you need
  • - polymer clay
  • - rhinestones
  • - earrings in the form of a ring
  • - ring
  • - double sided tape
  • - adhesive
If you like sparkling stones on the lips, then make this earring in two ways.The sewing shops selling crystals, which have a sticky substrate.Stick a stone you can on any part of your face.Remove jewelery at any time without much effort.
similar design can be made from almost any element - rhinestones, artificial pebbles or decorative figurines.All that is required - to use a special safe glue or double sided tape.
To decorate the lips original ringlet can use a variety of accessories.For example,
if you cut a little ring and gently straighten it, it will shackle-snag that no effort can be mounted on the lip.In order not to spoil the jewelry, look at the jewelry store.A wide range of decorations allow you to select the desired option, and the cost of it will be minimal.
snag can be made from normal earrings.The main thing in this case - to choose the right shape.Desirably, the earring has a ring or arc.Carefully break or saw off the part that is inserted into the ear and false piercing done.Decoration dress on her lip and slightly somknite fingers for a more solid fixation.
Earrings-l'oeil lip can be done even from polymer clay.Such decorations emphasize your individuality and allow to show imagination.From plastic material, you can make a small ring, decorate it with additional applications and make an incision that will fix it on the lip.