Down perfectionism!The desire to make everything perfect is exhausting and takes energy, which is so needed right now your baby.And there is nothing wrong with the fact that the house is not sterile and not all diapers pereglazheny.The child does not need a perfect mother, and the most that neither is real - it.With all the advantages and disadvantages.
Trust yourself.Nature has endowed the woman knowingly maternal instinct - it is a deep inner feeling and the knowledge that is needed now your baby.It does not replace any scientific literature.Biologically mother adapts to the child, and so seized them that this symbiosis works fruitfully.Now the kid needs a mother's sensitivity, over time it will weaken and there will be a need f
or independence.So - it's time to enjoy the union.
Awareness and residence change.It's a hard way for the family - the family builds relations almost from scratch.Be ready to change, make adjustments to the foundations of long taken root.Do it together with her husband, helping and supporting each other.Do not be afraid to ask for help and delegate the responsibilities that used to be yours - now you have new, and all the rules can be reconsidered.Trust in the care of the baby - can the pope and not agile, but certainly nothing that would they would not do.And you will have free time.
time for yourself.Do not underestimate him - indulge yourself and find time to relax, change of scene.Involve this your family and friends.Because of the uniformity of what is happening comes fatigue, every day begins to resemble Groundhog Day.A change of scenery will give new powers will add energy.Remember that you have a hobby, and pay attention to him.