usually the most vulnerable 3 vital areas: financial, professional and personal relationships area.To feel safe, take some action in each of them.For many people, they are interrelated: for example, the friendship with business partners supports, and the success of the business depends on profits.Not absolutizes financial sector, even substantial funds can not always solve the problem.
in finance will have to take unpopular measures - to cut costs.In fact, money is in short supply at all, so defer 10-20% of earned hard for people of all income levels.The money is put off for three objectives: security before the force majeure, pension and fulfillment of desires.In what proportion to allocate funds - it depends on you.Experts recommend to accumulate enough money to a certain level of comfort liv
ing for 3-6 months.In this case, loss of work will not be a disaster for you.
certain amount of money for the upcoming delay retirement.Exactly how to put them in order not to lose - a question to the experts on finance, read about it in books, for example, David Bach.And the most pleasant share of accumulated money - a dream come true.Maybe you want to buy a new yogurt, maybe - to study abroad children or grandchildren.Approach speed goal depends on your ability to save money.However, the fact that you get closer to the dream, will warm your soul and improves mood.
In the area of ​​professional skills learning, constantly develops new skills and read new literature in their specialty.Every day, write a plan of development, follow it - and you'll be sure to find a job for any changes in the world.
Personal relationships - the most difficult area.If it is a partner in marriage, do not let your loved one to miss.A large number of families break up because of the banal boredom.Such relationships arise because one or both partners do not want to work on themselves and develop.Try to be interesting new look for common hobbies.And then you will not be left alone, even if this person does not work out.In all of the areas we have to work, but a sense of security should not stop you, and be a cause for stagnation.Look up and become more confident.