you need
  • you need to sort out their relationship with death, to be able to defeat her in the critical situation.
First of all, we must learn to deal with fear of death.The more people panic in a critical situation, the greater their chance to die.It is known that the most hopeless alarmists running towards tsunami waves begin to look into the faults of the crust during an earthquake, run to the fire, but not from him.The less you fear death, the more to keep calm, and that will save you at the right time.
Look for ways to manage their own personal fear of death.For some, they are in religion, for someone - in the study of medicine or other disciplines on safety, and for the other - in the reading of books on existential philosophy.Existential p
hilosophy is engaged in the fear of death and the purpose of man's existence on this earth.It has a lot of answers to questions that torment those who are too afraid of death.
Study a subject that increasingly have been associated with death .Who is afraid of car accidents, and someone - cancer.Some people are afraid to fly on an airplane, and the other - to eat food with colored dyes.Examine in detail the object of their fears.After all, no trip by car or bright candy or airplanes, or even cancer does not become detrimental to millions of people on the planet.So why do you need the extra fears that will poison your life?
Understand for what in your life dangerous situations arise.Often they are a signal to the fact that something needs to be changed.Even the heavy diagnosis can not be expensive in the grave, but a way to discard all unnecessary and concentrate efforts only on standing cases.