Tip 1: How to take the time

rhythm of modern life is unpredictable.Today you do not even have a free moment, and tomorrow, quite unexpectedly canceled a meeting, and you have to suffer a few hours doing nothing.How to take the time?
common mistake many people is that they like to "kill" time.Time can not be killed, it should be appreciated.And then you'll get plenty of opportunities!
disrupt the meeting?Upload your smartphone a few books and read with pleasure!
boyfriend regularly late for a date?Carry a card with new foreign words.Instead of being angry and spoil the date, admit the young man in love in Chinese!
constantly stand in traffic jams?Start learning a new language!Audiocourses can achieve good results, and the repetition of new words to improve your memory.
unexpectedly released a few hours on a weekday?Go to the museum for the exhibition.Around there are so many interesting things!
It is not necessary to go to the Tretyakov Gallery and the Pushkin Museum, if you do not like c
lassical art.
In today's markets are held regularly photographic and art exhibitions.It will be something to share with colleagues and friends!
you are lucky, and you will have a day off?Go out of town.A few hours in the fresh air, lift your mood and give strength to the new working week.In addition, you can record notes in another place that you were able to visit.Wonderful, is not it?

Tip 2: How to take your free time at work during lunch

person working full-time at the workplace carries no less than 40 hours per week.For most working 8-hour day pass is intense enough, someone is working physically, some mentally straining.To the end of the day still keep fit and do not feel tired and overwhelmed, learn how to use free time at work during lunch.
How to occupy their free time at work during lunch

To put lunchtime

Providing people with a break for lunch and rest is stipulated in paragraph 1 and 2 of Article 108 of the Labour Code, the rule of law is mandatory, ieit must fulfill all employers, regardless of the form of ownership that is installed on it of working time and working hours.Lunch in duration can not be less than 30 minutes and more than 2 hours.As a rule, most of the companies it lasts 1 hour.This hour is not paid by the employer, which means that you are free to dispose of the time, as you see fit, in its sole discretion. leaving for lunch, leave the windows open to ventilate the room.

Things to do at lunchtime

Part of this time is required to spend on something to eat.It is imperative that you do not feel hunger, interfering fully work.In addition, lunch is necessary, in order not to get fat, nutritionists because it is proved that it needs to eat during the day 4-5 times at intervals of 3-4 hours.If you are unable to eat a complete meal in the dining room or cafeteria, you should bring home-cooked to avoid snacking harmful to the stomach and figures crisps, biscuits and cakes.

In fact, to have lunch, usually takes 15 to 30 minutes, so the rest of the time you have to spend so it was helpful to you.No wonder they say that the best rest, a change of activity.To maintain performance and a clear head throughout the working day, to fully relax in the break.If you are engaged in physical labor, try to relax, better lying down or reclining to rest the muscles of the arms and legs.Ask your colleagues to do a light massage or make yourself do it. Those who work at the computer, the program can include lunchtime sporting a five-minute, during which perform simple exercises and stretch your muscles.

In that case, when your work is sedentary, do not stay in the office at lunchtime, while sitting at the computer, even if it is not working.Many lunchtime trying to do some shopping, but it is, of course, can hardly be called rest, from that you just more tired.Be sure to take a walk, sit in the open air.Free time can be spent on communication with colleagues or friends working nearby, inviting them for a cup of coffee or taking a walk, from this you will get double the pleasure and be able to escape from the problems of the workers and give the brain a rest.