Buying clothes

To purchase an original item from Burberry, should be familiar with the brand brand differences.First, you need to pay attention to the labeling of clothes.The inscription on a woven label Burberry has to be identical to the detachable label.For copies of brand products are often woven label Burberry does not correspond to the tear-off label.Often on a tear the label can be written or Burberrys Burberrys, Thomas Burberry and so on.

Secondly, all products of the brand equipped with detachable beige cardboard label attached to the product with the help of black threads.Moreover sealed plastic thread crest circular shape made of beige material.With this signet tear the label can not be removed without cutting the threa
d beforehand.The lower edge of the tear-off labels made of perforated material.

Third, in woven label Burberry word woven black threads.The brand name is written in capital letters - BURBERRY.Sometimes, in addition to the inscription, there is the emblem of the brand - a knight on horseback.When this label is required to be beige.It is necessary that it was listed on the fabric composition and country of manufacture of the product.Counterfeits are usually equipped with black, white or light-blue labels.

And, of course, when buying you must pay attention to the quality of the seams, finishes and materials.All clothing brand is made of expensive fabrics.In most cases this cashmere and silk.Buttons and fittings tightly sewn to the products.

Buying scarves

If you want to buy original scarves from Burberry, should also pay attention to the label on the product.As a rule, all products contain 90% merino wool and 10% cashmere or cashmere 100% and 100% wool.Sometimes they come across products made of a mixture of cashmere and merino sheep's wool or mohair.Fake scarves are usually made of wool or synthetic materials.As with clothing label must be beige, and the word Burberry embroidered with black thread and it is written in large letters.

also all woolen scarves Burberry have fringe.Each side has around 29-32 braids.All products are sold in clear plastic packaging, which should be written Burberry London, and on the silver label - Set the code of the season, and the batch number.