Of course, the first thing is to take care of to keep wrinkles to a minimum.Less frown, do not stretch the skin when applied to cosmetics.Exercise.This will help keep your skin in the long tone.And on and elastic skin wrinkles formed less.
Pick the right anti-wrinkle cream.For each period of the life age-related changes are characteristic features.Do not use the wrinkle cream intended for a later age group, otherwise the skin prematurely unlearn their own produce the desired substance.The cream should not only smooth wrinkles and give a lifting effect, but also good to moisturize the skin.
Go massage course.Massage improves blood circulation, improves skin elasticity, helping smoot
h out wrinkles.Do not interrupt course.On average, it is 10-15 sessions.If you can not visit the salon to massage yourself.Use a cream or massage oil, nourishes the skin with beneficial ingredients.
Periodically apply a smoothing mask.If you are using a collagen mask, give preference to those that contain collagen of marine origin.It is most similar in structure to the human.Each season, use the serum smooths wrinkles, use it on a course of 10-14 days.
Since the age of 35, may carry out procedures of mesotherapy.Starting procedure before it is not necessary for the same reasons that the filter cream later age group.Mesotherapy course usually consists of 5-10 procedures.A thin needle into the deep layers of the skin are injected vitamin cocktails and other nutrients that help smooth out the skin naturally.
If you're ready for more radical methods of fighting wrinkles, look for other salon treatments: laser nanoperforatsiyu rejuvenation, laser peeling, injections of botulinum toxin (Botox).Plastic surgery in the arsenal of this can be attributed to the "heavy artillery", but it provides a more tangible and visible results, which are stored for a longer period.