never resort to artificial methods of understanding the world : alcohol, drugs, etc.Altered states of consciousness induced in this way can quickly ruin your connection to the real world, and in the end, lead to a premature death.
Refer to the spiritual practices and teachings of the different schools of thought.By strengthening your spirit, you will strengthen both body and mind.But do not overdo the exercises and following the mandates of teachers.Constantly look for ways to interact with the present.If you managed to achieve success in the attainment of peace , not drawn to these practices of others.Remember, the way each person is different.
Take the study of philosophy.Make notes, marking sure where you got this information.From time to time, review their not
es, compare notes, to see how far you have progressed in understanding the world .Write a few essays that analyze your attitude to this or that school of thought.
Read more literature.Do extract and analyze them from time to time.Look for the link between fiction and the real world.Their comments and observations described in the diary.
Communicate with people at all levels and in all possible ways.That fellowship can open people.In addition, it will help you to know how good or bad you are people.Consider their relationship to you.Engage in self-education, if necessary.Self-education can begin with the exact route the regime of the day.
Read the scientific and popular literature.Interested in all new products of science and technology.Do not hesitate to show their ignorance in a conversation with the experts involved in the study of a particular problem.
Arrange album that put the most interesting articles from newspapers and magazines to the source.
not forget about sports (within reason), if only because that exercise help improve mood.A good mood helps to look at the world with optimism.