you need
  • - belief in yourself;
  • - knowledge of the hidden mechanisms of the universe.
There are two main options translate dreams into reality.The first traditional, along the way you will hear the standard advice: Believe in yourself, take steps to target, acquire the necessary skills, etc.etc.The second option - an alternative, based on knowledge of the laws governing the universe.It is based on an ability to dream - that is, so that the world assisted in the implementation of the dreams and not let it.
Remember one of the main physical laws - every action causes a reaction.Similarly, it is with dreams.The more active you want something, the more you say it to the world, the illusive are your chances of success.Why is tha
t?Because the world is trying to compensate, smooth out any deviation from the current state.Dreaming of you are trying to disrupt the status quo, so the world is built on the ramparts of your way - that is doing everything to ensure that your wish could not be fulfilled.
If you want to achieve something, not notify the world of their desires.You can not "wanting", "want", it is a dead end road.Instead, just take as a fact that your dream has already been implemented or will be implemented in the near future.For example, you want to become a successful person.I feel that you have them are.You do not need to reach for something, somewhere to seek - all of this is already a fait accompli.
approach described above does not cause the world to counter, because you do not want to.Instead you their inner conviction konstatiruete new reality in which you - a successful man.And the world goes along with it, adapting to you.In practice, this translates into a series of "random" coincidences and lucky opportunities that provide you the desired.
realize once again the main point: you can make a reality of almost all your dreams, just realizing they have already come true.The world really is the way you see it.For example, you are sick.Recognizing sick, you tighten a cure.Conversely, internal disagreeing with the situation, believing themselves in perfect health, you contribute to a speedy recovery.