should be understood that this eminent designer bag for a penny buy will not succeed.The discount retail stores in fifty percent is very rare and it should be enough, since there is a greater discounts can not be obtained.Therefore, all the super-sales, offers to buy Chanel handbag for two or three thousand rubles, obviously fake offer.
Counterfeits issued a number of factors.In the original bag may be uneven seams protruding thread, cheap rubber on bends because each bag produced by well-known luxury brand, is being tested to the marriage.Therefore, even the slightest thread sticking points is likely a fake.
All fittings on the original bags beautiful, expensive, often with engraved logo, clean lines and though
tful fasteners.
usually branded bags are made of soft, very expensive leather.It creases are not formed during deformation, besides it reshapes well, so a good way to check is not fake it in front of you - click on the bag and look at the behavior of the skin.If there were bruises and bumps after the bag back to its original state, it is unlikely you are holding the original.
Look for the serial number on the bag, quite often it is duplicated inside and outside.The letters in the serial number indicate the place of manufacture of the bag.On the fakes often the serial numbers consist only of numbers.
usually expensive designer handbags sold in a nice package-covers.Often these packages you can find a booklet detailing the model and serial number.Even if you get a bag is not the most expensive of the company, it should not be sold in the normal package or no.It is an unequivocal sign of forgery.
Always pay attention to the lining, it can not be made of cheap synthetic fabric.All seams should be durable and invisible, often repeated in the lining applied logo.
Pay attention to proportion, study the image of the bag you want to buy at the official site of the manufacturer, and compare them when choosing a thing.Very often, the simulators are mistaken in this.