Those who wish to buy only high-quality branded items, you should learn to distinguish the fake from the original.The leaders among the counterfeit variety of accessories - scarves and handbags, sunglasses to protect from the sun, underwear, tights.These things we buy are more likely than expensive suits or evening dresses.Therefore fakes more - it turns out is much simpler and easier, and turnover will be more extensive.

How to recognize a real specialty bag

One of the most important accessories for the modern fashionista is a bag.Most women want to have a branded bag, even if hardly afford it.It is important to choose the right when buying an accessory.

Branded bags are much more expensive copies.Before making a purchase useful to see the official sites of

manufacturers to examine the price paid to the consideration of the details.It is necessary to design a better look at your favorite model, logo, distinctive features.Products known brands are usually excellent quality.On the surface, no glue stains or scratches or creases, fuzzy or illegible inscriptions engraved excluded.

The label indicates genuine handbags coded model number that indicates its belonging to a particular collection.

Original products have tight-fitting accessories, smooth lines.On items such as buttons and zippers should be a brand name, and the lining is made of firm tissue.

How to distinguish fake branded clothing and

Just as in the case of bags, the choice of the original models of brand clothing should pay attention to quality tailoring, accessories, which must necessarily be the logo of the brand.You should not buy clothes, which are issued for a firm in the small shops or market stalls - is the surest way to get low-standard fake.

If you want to buy a really high-quality branded thing, not a copy or fake, look for the author's boutiques, official sites of manufacturers, chain stores companies.

original designer clothes not only sold abroad.To purchase an exclusive thing, no need to go to France or the UK, but before buying it is necessary to carefully check.

As a rule, manufacturers of branded goods do not skimp on the labels.They can read the recommendations for care, moreover, it is applied to the bag, inside which there are fittings for replacement product and a sample of tissue or skin.By forged products such instructions are not applied, and on the labels and if there is any information about the care of the thing, it is either unconvincing or made in the language of the manufacturer of the underground.

If the store you see the thing with tempting low price, the quality of which is close to the original, most likely in front of you is a good copy of the brand.If you wish to buy a branded item at a lower price should not run to the shops - better watch Closeouts.All information can be found in the branded retail outlets or on the official websites.