One of the most expensive watches are considered to be the clock-bracelet, which were released in 2008 on the eve of the masters of the brand Chopard.This model is called the 201-carat.It embodies one of the most extravagant ideas of modern designers.The cost of $ 25 million payable for a huge mountain of diamonds, which is dotted with watch.Little face hidden in the center of a huge number of multi-colored stones.The three main stones that adorned this model, made in the form of hearts, white, red and blue.The total weight of the three diamonds of 38 carats.The weight of all the stones, including the three is 200 carats.This accessory a girl looks not only expensive, but also very sty
One of the tracks takes an expensive watch model Chopard Super Ice Cube.At first glance, you notice how the clock shout about its price: they are decorated with fabulous amount of diamonds.Externally, these watches are more like a piece of ice, glistening in the sun.The cost of hours reaches 1.1 million dollars.This model does not watchmakers gave refinement, restraint and elegance.Rather, they made it loud and challenging.That is a huge amount of colorless diamonds, these watches are highly valued by wealthy women.
interesting models of watches for men is a Louis Moinet Magistralis.The company that creates the clock, characterized in that it creates some models that demonstrate a real fragment of the moon.Inside the body of the model year 2000, it placed a meteorite.This watch is equipped with a perpetual calendar, minute repeater, and one-button chronograph.Rose gold case was made up of 90 different parts.
At one point the most expensive watches Place Model 1735 Blancpain Grande Complication, worth 800 000 dollars.It spent 10 months on the assembly of more than 700 parts.This watch with automatic winding was placed in a platinum case with 44 stones.The watch is equipped with two second hand, minute repeater and perpetual calendar, which shows the date, day of week, month, leap year and moon phase.
outwardly unremarkable, but very expensive model is the Hublot Black Caviar Bang.Their value reaches $ 1 million.The body is made entirely in black tones and semitones, when you use the appropriate color diamonds.Watchmakers embodied in this model the effect of "hidden visibility".These watches have become a masterpiece thanks to the completely invisible cutting.The complexity of the cut is to create a line of unusual body - round, but at the same time with sharp edges.