Fashion is cyclical, we are back in the Soviet times, the popular shoes.However, if earlier sneakers go to the gym or put on the street with jeans now fashionista wearing shoes with skirts and even dresses.The time when the combination of femininity and the sport was considered bad taste.


It is fashionable to play on contrasts and mix styles, creating your own.Sneakers advantageous will look to everyday dress, which is the highlight.It can be cut or some details, color.In conjunction with the A-line dress, skirt, flared, or a bundle of them accentuate shapely legs.

option for the most daring women - shoes with a long dress in a floor.Unfortunately, it will be able to evaluate not all.However, Natalia Vodianova, whose style is an example for many, boldly puts on a duet,
and looks great.

choosing sneakers bright colors, do not forget to add the image of the same accessories.This can be a bag, belt, hair ornaments or bracelet.To try to trim light dress shoes pastel shades.Sneakers flowered girl make cute, delicate and feminine.A touch of glamor to a short bright dress shoes will add to the high tops or wedges.

on output

Wear sneakers with an evening dress dare not every woman.Most often, it looks out of place.While some Hollywood stars can afford such a combination, even on the red carpet.

example, Kristen Stewart at the premiere of the movie "Twilight.Dawn "was spotted in a red evening dress and black sneakers.And Caitlin Gerard at the MTV Movie Awards wearing a bright green dress shoes.

Sneakers are so diverse that some brides choose them as a shoe, combining a short wedding dress.The soloist of the group A-Studio Keti Topuria at his own wedding wearing a short white dress with open back and black shoes on a high-soled shoes.

choosing a dress shoes, consider the material from which it is made.For example, summer chiffon dress perfectly be combined with low sneakers made of canvas.A jersey or wool dress, complemented by leather sneakers and thick tights - great for fall.

also draws attention to the color.It is important to dress and shoes do not contrast with each other, because this union itself attracts the attention of eccentricity.It is better to let it be one of colors in different shades.