Men's preferences eyes psychologists and marketers

According to psychologists, fresh citrus and marine notes like men-intellectuals.Sweet fruit or candy flavors attract a man endowed with a strong character, or, conversely, romantics and dreamers.

his research is conducted and employees of conventional or online retailers that sell high-quality perfume.As a result, they were able to identify several brands of spirits that men are more likely to become a gift to their wives or lovers.

Journey into the world of perfume

worshiped many men have started in 1999 and immediately became one of the brands from Dior J'adore perfume with floral-fruity aroma, reminiscent of elegant oriental art of sed

No less attractive and sensual, intoxicating fragrance Nina from Nina Ricci.Its creators are sure that a woman should smell like juicy, like an apple, and sweet as candy.It draws attention to the very bottle of spirits in the shape of a red apple.By the way, not so long ago there was a "pink apple" by Nina Ricci with a light and fresh fragrance - Nina L'EAU.

In 2007 came out exotic and seductive floral-woody musk fragrance Black XS for Her by Paco Rabanne.It is not less interesting than that of Nina Ricci perfume purple-pink bottle with a picture of a rose and a black cap immediately conjures the image of a fatal beauty.

L'eau par Kenzo by Kenzo - this is the scent that according to psychologists, like men-intellectuals.It is composed of harmoniously coexist floral, citrus and marine notes.

But spirits Ectat d'Arpege by Lanvin, most are able to attract the attention of the true romantics, because their light sweet fragrance creates a lasting impression of tenderness and purity.

no less romantic and delicate floral aroma Bright Crystal by Versace, followed by light notes of lotus and peony half parted suddenly brings accentuated sensuality mahogany, musk and amber.

And, of course, a little trip into the world of fine fragrance would be complete without a classic by Chanel.Perfume for young adventurers Coco mademoiselle with seductive floral-fruity aroma and notes of white musk and vanilla are able to bring to mind even the most experienced smoothies.