Tip 1: How was the week of haute couture in Paris

July 5th passed the final shows of Fashion Week in Paris.For several days at the main podium of the French capital's most famous fashion designers showed their collections, which became the main accent femininity and elegance.

most anticipated premiere last week became the fashion designer's new collection of Christian Dior - Raf Simons, who succeeded in his post of the famous John Galliano.It should be noted that the RAF met the expectations of the audience and delighted all the refined and elegant collection of women's clothing.

he created costumes dominated strong and at the same time stylish femininity.And all sorts of floral prints and skirts only to complement its romantic models.54 dress, Raph presented at the Paris Fashion Week, earned enthusiastic applause of all present guests and participants.

romantic and light floral image of liked not only the designer of Dior.Translucent fabrics and lace trim presented their collections Valentino, Versace, Emilio Pucci and Alexi Mabille.Delicate c
hiffon dresses created their frank and alluring image and the transparent veil of mystery and fascination added, steamed on the catwalk models.

fashion house Chanel, led by the same elegant Karl Lagerfeld presented a collection of clothes in vintage style, beating new accents.His clothes were all that makes a woman more beautiful and desirable - handmade lace, embroidery, jewelery, pastel shades and, of course, shiny sequins.A trapezoidal dress favorably decorated romantic floral colors of fabrics.

Maison Martin Margiela has diluted traditional costumes sexy dresses, jeweled.Clothing Fall Giambattista Valli has been presented in the classic black and white, but it is incredibly feminine evening dresses playing all shades of purple.And Elie Saab conquered all the beautiful evening gowns to the floor, made of transparent materials and decorated with hand embroidery and lace.

Tip 2: How was Paris Fashion Week

In early July, the capital of France met at a party of famous designers, trendsetters and fashin-critics in the world.The reason for this was one of the most fashionable events of the summer - the Paris Fashion Week.
How was Paris Fashion Week

last week of fashion in Paris praised the extraordinary femininity and elegance that manifested itself in the light and transparent fabrics of gentle tones, embroidery, lace and floral print.The outfits were quite frank, but at the same time surprisingly gentle and touching character.Caused special delight transparent lace dress to the floor of the fashion house Elie Saab.

trendy floral pattern and decorated with flying dress from Valentino, lush evening gowns by Giambattista Valli dress and trapezoidal fashion house Chanel.Translucent fabrics and airy lace used to create collections of Versace, Alexis Mabille, Emilio Pucci and others.All this was intended to create a more delicate and alluring image of the fair sex.

Karl Lagerfeld - the constant creative designer of the fashion house Chanel presented an interesting collection of the new vintage.Last appeared in the form of delicate pastel fabrics, handmade lace, shiny sequins, feathers and bohemian jewelry.

But the most awaited event of Fashion Week has become, by far, the debut of a new collection of designer Christian Dior - Raf Simons.His outfits created an elegant and feminine style, earned rave reviews from all the guests.

he created clothes were all the fashion trends of this year - floral prints and decoration, skirts and short pants.A bright yellow dress with a raised waist and breasts are bared to the limit?the model has become one of the most romantic and beautiful dresses Fashion Week.

Autumn Collection Giambattista Valli fashion house was filled with black and white colors and lush evening gowns hit various shades of purple.Even Maison Martin Margiela diluted low-key style of their dresses feminine lace trousers and sexy tops.