Tip 1: How to choose the size of the winter shoes

With the onset of cold weather, you suddenly discover that the boots that you wore last winter wear is not possible: the heel is not trendy, over the summer has changed the fullness of the calf or you just want new boots.Then in front of you there is a question about how to choose the size of the new winter shoes.
you need
  • - paper,
  • - tape measure or ruler,
  • - table size shoes
Determine the size of his feet.You need to wear a thin sock and embark on a sheet of paper.Followed by his foot circle around a pencil so that the paper trail left contour of your feet.It is better if you do not own, but someone else.After all, with such independent action there is a possibility that a small error occurs in obrisovyvanii in one direction or another, as to do the contour you will need to bend over or squat down and stop will not have the usual his position.
Take a measuring tape or a regular school ruler and measure the length of the resulting drawn trace from the highest point (
in some it is at the edge of the big toe, while others - the second finger) to the lowest point on the edge of the heel.This will be the length of your foot in centimeters.
Check the result obtained in centimeters with table sizes of shoes.The fact that the dimensions adopted in Russia different shoe size numbers from Europe and the USA.Also note that the size of men's and women's shoes at the same time served in different tables.So if your choice has fallen on the product imported, then consider this point.
look for when choosing the size of the winter shoes and the fact that some manufacturers produce products, taking into account the presence of fur, which reduces the internal volume of the boot.For example, shoe size 37 (24.5 cm) may in fact be a little more length, because of the backing layer is made of fur Incorporation that would boot (if he is cut on the block size is strictly 37) where as less inside.Therefore, when buying shoes for the winter, be sure to try.
When selecting the size of shoes for the winter, consider that the boots should be slightly larger than the ones you buy in the fall or summer, because in the cold you have to wear warm socks and more.
Do not leave without attention and the width of the shaft boots - sometimes it just becomes a decisive factor when buying winter boots.It is the buyer (usually - to a customer) to decide whether he agrees to walk in boots a little largish (about half a size-size), but sitting comfortably on the calf, or experience some discomfort from the tops too narrow, but still have the right size boots.
When selecting the size of winter shoes it is desirable to take into account some features of the shape of the foot (such as width and high vzem), because they may also not affect the choice of not only the model but also the size of the boot.

Tip 2: How to choose the shoes in the winter

For cold Russian winters need a warm and comfortable shoes .The correct choice depends not only look cute fashionistas, but also their health.There are some basic rules to follow when buying women's winter shoes.
How to choose the right shoes for the winter
Pay attention to the quality of the material from which made boots.Leather preferred artificial substitutes.It is a warm, practical and allows the feet to "breathe."Fur in the interior decoration of shoes perfectly warms his feet in the cold.Boots leatherette can have a beautiful appearance, but they are less hardy and less comfortable and practical, as the product of natural materials.Their only significant plus - a low price.It looks wonderful shoes Suede and nubuck, but it can not be worn in wet weather, since these materials are low water resistance.
Inspect the sole, it must be high enough, and the pattern resist sliding.And durably waterproof soles are usually made of PVC, polyurethane or rubber.Well, if the bottom of the shoe is stitched with thread.Check the attachment of buckles, straps and other decorative elements.
sure to try on your favorite boots.Do not buy tight shoes , her feet are cold.Take the store thick cotton socks, then you do not have to wonder winter that boots you tight.When fitting winter footwear is important not only to choose its size, but also in its fullness.
As for the models, is now in stores represented a very wide range.Boots, boots, classic versions - only the choice is yours.Lovers pins better "to stop his eyes" on a more practical shoes with stable heels.Treads usually wear a miniskirt or very skinny jeans.If you spend most of the time in the car, you can safely buy suede boots, and for long walks in the city you need a high-quality leather shoes at a convenient solid soles or heels a little wider.Come responsibly in buying winter boots - and then your feet will be warm and comfortable.
Helpful Hint
If in doubt about the length of the foot from the chosen boot, then remove the fur insole, put on it his leg and then personally verify how the size of the product corresponds to the length of your foot.
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