is desirable to keep the shipping carton and cash a check from the store for some time after the purchase of shoes.By the way, according to the law on consumer protection, the availability check if the return is not a prerequisite (enough witness statements), but it's better to have this document.
shoes when you return must be clean and have all the components.The period for a refund of shoes is 10 days.The warranty period for shoes (if not installed by the manufacturer or seller) is normally 1 month.There is also such a thing as seasonal shoes.For example, the warranty period for sandals purchas
ed winter takes effect May 1st.
For some items, such as naboek, there is no guarantee.Weather factors such as snow or rain that caused damage to the shoe and release the seller (manufacturer) replacement of the shoes.
found defective, please do not tighten the store.If the seller does not want to meet the requirements, you should make a claim, which must be clearly set out the problem and requirements (exchange, refund, reimbursement for repair).You need to make a claim in two copies - one remains with the seller, and the other signed by the representative of the store comes back to you.
If the store refuse to accept a claim, it should be mailed by registered letter with acknowledgment.
If the seller finds your claim unjustified, he is entitled to make an examination at their own expense.The period for the examination should not exceed 20 days.
If you are not satisfied with the results of the examination and you are sure they are right, but the seller is not willing to accept your shoes substandard and return money for it, then you have the opportunity to resolve the issuejudicially.