you need
  • - fitting shoes;
  • - laces.
new shoes usually laced a standard way.But even he can beat, to make interesting.Not until the end of the cord.Leave two holes on each side free.Tie up the loose ends of shoelaces in the bow, hide them inside the shoe or tie criss-cross around the ankle.
Alternatively, you can consider horizontal pinching.Start stringing the usual way, but instead cross the laces vdevayte them over the hole in the same row, in the above box.You should come out a kind of ladder.As it turns out quite tight lacing.Laces can not tie, leaving the ends free.But make sure that they are not too long and did not stop you from walking, to avoid accidental fall.
may seem very interesting techniq
ue lacing "spider."Thread the string inside the penultimate lower holes.Pass the ends through the lower right on top of the hole.Cross the ends pull inside through the next hole, and then through a formed as a result of your actions loop.Repeat many times as necessary until you reach the top of the shoe.
Even more unusual diamond-shaped pinching may seem, is more suitable for bright colored laces.It would be even better if they have a pattern.Pull the cord on the inside through the bottom holes for lacing.Cross the ends of it, count two free holes and pull the ends through the third from both sides.Point the laces straight down, pull them from the inside coming through the bottom hole.Repeat the previous step, do not forget to leave two holes free, vdevaya laces with others.