The new season beautiful half of humanity will be fully covered by the new fashion wave.Fashionistas experimenting with summer boots in a small hole (they are often called, or knitted lace boots) and create a variety of ensembles.

First of all, the summer pattern of boots should be open.This rule should be followed for reasons of hygiene and in order not to suffer from the heat.New designer boots fully comply with these requirements.

Boots gladiators

relevant in the new season boots, called gladiators.They are an abundance of straps that reach the knee.Most of the fashion summer boots have a fairly stable heel.But those who prefer an elegant shoes may find a good pair of thin heels.

flat shoes

excellent option made flat shoes, perfectly suited for a walk in the
park with a dog or a holiday by the sea.Not so long ago fancy boots were made only from the lace and thick yarn, is now in stores you can find a model by denim and fabric.On any choice!

Actual materials and colors

Couturier promise that the new season will be relevant natural materials: cotton, satin and leather.Boots cowboy style, lightweight boots, ankle boots made of soft suede material will be in vogue.

Elegant satin and silk models with high tops look great with a cocktail or evening dress.A variants created from denim and cotton, are more suitable for the style called military.

The new season will prevail boots, made in light and bright colors.But it is also relevant and models in black leather.In fashion boots will be gladiators, summer boots, as well as a variety of ankle boots in dark colors.

lace and mesh boots

stylish and intriguing mesh boots this season is completely conquered the podium.Variations in the net on a low heel will look great on a girl dressed in the style of casual.Older ladies should pay attention to the model, made of perforated leather with an open heel and toe.

But at a dinner party or a romantic date on the beach is to choose the model of low heels.Typically, these boots fit a good pace and richly decorated with elegant ribbons or strips of satin.

lover of comfort should choose and knitted lace boots.They do not need to lace, button up.Wearing such models can sundresses or shorts.It all depends on your preference.