you need
  • - indoor shoes;
  • - silicone gaskets;
  • - creams for the feet.
Shoes with high heels should be very comfortable, otherwise the first exit there will be a real torture.Select the appropriate shoes, sandals or boots and be sure to try them.Please note that evening foot swells slightly.Go shopping - good shoes do not rub, do not squeeze your fingers and do not slide down.Bend sole - it must be elastic, but flexible.
Best Shoes for beginners - closed boat on a steady, not too thin heel height of 7-10 centimeters.Extreme variants like espadrilles with rope ties, high sandals with laces and shoes with open-toed heels-spokes leave experienced fashionista.
If 10 cm heels are too high, look
for shoes with hidden platform.It is quite convenient to add another 2-3 cm heel without any loss of comfort.
Learn to walk in new shoes.No scuffs.For each step lift the leg high enough, bending it at the knee and straighten as soon as it touches the ground.The higher the heel, the higher the knee.Do not turn the toe of the foot to the outside, they should be parallel to each other.If you want to master the walk mannequins, put one foot in front of the other.But remember - this way of walking emphasizes the curvature of the lower legs.
first exit on the heels should be short.Prodefiliruyte to the car, get out of it and walk to the table in a café or garden benches.Sit down and relax.You should be able to change the shoes more comfortable.Accustomed to the height of the heel, you can make a long walk.
daily changing height of the heel, alternating with high studs tankettes moderate height.Houses wear soft slippers or go barefoot.Such tactics will rest your feet and prevent the development of unpleasant diseases associated with the constant wearing high heels.
order not to rub his leg new shoes, though the first days of wearing them with stockings.Buy skin-colored plaster and special silicone gaskets.They can be placed under a strappy shoes or backdrop.High Heel helps offset the load on the foot.Glue soft silicone cushion in the toe - it will soften the friction and prevent the appearance of calluses.
For more comfort, use special creams for feet.Before you leave home, apply sunscreen on your feet, creating a soft, powdery film and prevents chafing.In the evening, treat tired foot bath with lavender or peppermint oil and lubricate the skin reducing cream or gel, relieves fatigue.