you need
  • - inkjet or laser printer;
  • - cardboard;
  • - digital printing machine.
In order to print on cardboard within the office or home, buy a inkjet or laser printer with the most direct path of the paper.Such a printer foster and trays should be in line with the horizontal loading sheet.This is necessary because due to its hardness cardboard sheet does not bend, moreover, it is easily deformed.Typically, the printer can use the paperboard sheet 3 mm thick.
Before you get started, you need to evaluate the capabilities of the device, see the instruction with which it runs a range of densities.If the available laser printer, the settings should be set to "print on cardboard", and use the top tray.If this is not done, when printing on a sheet of black bars.
should be understood that conventional printers are not designe
d to work with cardboard, and even if we manage to hold tight sheet, helping him to his hands and get it image, most likely, it will cause damage to your devicenot to mention the fact that the paint is uncured.Yet it is important to remember that no low-end models may not work with cardboard and construction paper.
If there is a need for wide-format printing on cardboard, then you should use a digital printing machine.Typically, these services provide the printing.By way of printing machines are divided into digital and offset, digital, in addition, in the sheet and roll machines.Those and other machines work with cardboard.You can avoid a lot of manual operations inherent in the conventional printing processes, thanks to new technologies.
whole process of printing in the digital computer-controlled machine.This greatly increases the capabilities of machines.There is an opportunity to make changes in the course of the print run as necessary to frequently changing almost every instance;the possibility of immediate printing and proofing.In digital computers the method of laser printing.
To print, you must specify the necessary settings, load paper and run the process.Modern digital machines provide high print quality and speed of circulation.