you need
  • - DSL-router.
Pick router suitable for your devices.In this case we are talking about laptops, because some of their models are not able to connect to any network Wi-Fi.Find out the requirements of wireless adapters, read the instructions to them on the manufacturer's website.
Obtain the appropriate Wi-Fi router.Of course, it should have built-DSL for connecting to the server provider.Connect the phone line to the specified port, using the splitter.This device will not only help to simultaneously connect to a single cable and a router and landline phone, but also to reduce noise on the line.
Connect the port Ethernet (LAN) Wi-Fi router network cable.The other end is connected to the network card in your computer or laptop.Turn on the equipment connected to the router.
Start web-browser.Enter the IP-address of the router in the input field url-addresses.Then press Enter.Once the menu opens Wi-Fi settings of the router, go to WAN.Set up access to the Internet, the required values ​​for some parameters.Sinceit is a DSL-connection, it is recommended to choose the PPPoE protocol and enter values ​​that meet the requirements of your ISP.
Now go to Wi-Fi.Create a wireless access point.When you configure the settings in this menu refer to the work of your laptop.Save the settings and reboot the Wi-Fi router.
After connecting all the desktop computers to the Ethernet-ports and laptops - to a wireless access point, you get a ready-mixed type home network in which all devices will have access to the Internet.Always make sure that the router will automatically connect to the server provider.This will help avoid problems if the equipment is disconnected from the mains.