you need
  • - suitable battery power;
  • - manual.
Select model1 managed device and read the manual.On the last pages of the manual lists codes for different manufacturers managed devices: stereo, TV, and so on. D. Find the code (usually three) for the device.
2 Insert two AAA Alkaline batteries minipalchikovye into the battery compartment remote control with the correct polarity.Press POWER, to test the functionality of the console.If all goes well, the key indicator will flash.
Enter the code found on the remote control, if the device is listed.Press the SET key on the remote control and TV (or DVD, depending on the device class).Enter the code again after the indicator lights on the key POWER.If the device did not work, repeat the operation with other code th
at may be appropriate to the device.
If the device is not in the list of codes, or the remote does not control a device, perform automatic code search.Turn on the device controlled (eg, TV) to run one of the programs.On the remote simultaneously pressing the SET and TV.
Hold for about five seconds until the POWER button starts flashing intermittently.Point the remote at your device.If the device to react, press any key except the key SET.If you are not able to react in time to turn off the device, repeat the automatic search.
Perform manual search, if the remote does not control the device.Turn on the managed device at the same time and quickly press the TV button and SET briefly (1-3 seconds).After the lamp indicator POWER key briefly press the POWER button about every second until the controlled device will not respond to the remote.Press TV button or the SET button to complete the search.